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Sunday 25th January 2009

JAZZ VESPERS with LD Frazier

4.30pm  Choir meets to rehearse ~ All welcome!  

6pm Jazz Vespers

Sunday 1st February 2009

Tony Kofi

SOLD OUT        SOLD OUT         SOLD OUT        SOLD OUT

SAX APPEAL~The Eight Piece Band, led by Derek Nash, front-line player in The Jools Holland R&B Orchestra. Five saxophones plus a wicked rhythm section. "The bravado of this band is breathtaking. Princes of the horn in thunderous form" - Sunday Times.

Sunday 1st March 2009

Karen Lane
Paul Malsom

Karen Lane vocals and Paul Malsom guitar made an album 'Can't Help It'  ~ at  , at iTUNES and at The Sevenoaks CD SHOP.  

Julian Jackson, who won an OSCAR for his playing on the soundtrack of THE FULL MONTY will be a special guest.

Sunday 29th March 2009

Shiela Jordan
Frank Holder

The quintessential jazz singer, the American Sheila Jordan provides a direct link with the heady days of bebop and cool. Born in 1928, she was mentored by Charlie Parker and, moreover, was married to Charlie Parker's pianist Duke Jordan. The evening will open with a set  from Frank Holder, a singer with similar connections that go back to the beginning of the UK bebop scene with John Dankworth. The band will be Steve Lodder on piano, Jeff Clyne on bass and Trevor Tomkins on drums.
Sunday 3rd May 2009

Dorian Ford Trio - 'The Bill Game'

CELEBRATING TEN YEARS of THE LISTENING ROOM Dorian Ford piano : Geoff Gascoyne bass : Patrick Levett drums  featuring 'The Bill Game' album  The Music of Bill Evans. Click for YouTube taken that night.


Tuesday 12th May 2009

Trudy Kerr, Michael Garrick, Geoff Gascoyne

A Showcase for the new album 'Like Minds' featuring Trudy Kerr and Michael Garrick.

Tuesday 2nd June 2009

Len Phillips Sextet

Len Phillips Sextet, featuring Dave Black on sax and Gabriel Garrick on trumpet.

Sunday 21st June 2009


Eight Piece SAX APPEAL returns under their charismatic leader Derek Nash - from the front-line of The Jools Holland Orchestra. 
Friday 26th June 2009

Dinner Jazz, Cabaret

Dinner jazz with pianist Roger Lewin, cabaret from The Hassell Sisters and a dance set JAVAJAM. A musical journey from Gershwin to Norah Jones. Catering by The Royal Oak Hotel, Sevenoaks.

Thursday 2nd July 2009

Charlie Dore

Charlie Dore previews her set for The Jools Holland Orchestra's Summer 2009 Concert Series, and will showcase her new Americana CD 'The Hula Valley', as well as favourites like her 70s-hit 'Pilot of The Airwaves'. 'A clever songwriter with a dream of a voice that glides from folk and country to jazzy cabaret' The DailyTelegraph

Saturday 17th October 2009

Arts Festival 11-18 October





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Saturday 17th October 2009

Paul Malsom
Andres Ticino

 Paul Malsom with percussionist Andres Ticino. A concert of Brazilian Jazz & its roots in Latin America.

Sunday 1st November 2009

Mike Dowling

Grammy-winning guitarist Mike Dowling draws inspiration from deep in the musical bag of American roots guitar. He's firmly grounded in authenticity and possessed of a musical soul as old as the vintage music he favors. Fluent in several styles and difficult to pigeonhole, Mike has captured the hearts of acoustic music fans throughout the world with his engaging voice, self-deprecating wit, and elegant interpretations of an arsenal of old blues, swing, ragtime, and original compositions.
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